Well hello there!

New site, new hosting, new blog, new content.

New hosting that I built myself, I might add, in AWS (woo).  Using my Cloud Engineering skills.

In fact, more to the point, everything that you’re seeing here, this blog, the photoblog, the underlying infrastructure, I built it all from an IPad Pro, tethered to a mobile phone from a caravan on the east coast of England.

Now that is 21st century engineering, yo!

Ordinarily I’d import all of my old blog posts, my moans, my weight loss progress, my general splurge posts.  Not this time.

I haven’t really blogged since 2013.  I used to blog a lot.  I think there were maybe two posts since Sue died and that’s about it.  Bottom line is I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago.  We all evolve and we all change, and it is our ability to cope with that change that defines us.

Pretty sure that mostly I’ll be talking about tech, board games, maybe some ramblings that are a little too long for facebook, but we’ll see.

1st post, here we go.  Woo.

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