We’re in the cloud!

Technically we were always in the cloud.  I mean, after all, the cloud is just somebody else’s computer, right?

I was using a hosting company called tsohost, been using them for years and years and years.  £50 a year, they manage the underlying infrastructure and I manage the sites and mail and whatnot.

Mail was crap, it was slow, the ssl certs kept erroring and to be honest, I didn’t think I was getting value for money.

A few weeks ago, I started my AWS training in earnest, learning about EC2, S3, elastic beanstalk, Route53 and a whole host of other really cool tech.

Built a wordpress system about 6  different ways some more manually than others.

It’s amazing the breadth of experience I’ve gained since I first started doing this stuff and first registered my domain way back in 2001.  Things have changed a lot.

This blog will be mainly tech based, see the menu above for different kinds of posts.  This is the preliminary design, its subject to change and I still need to carry on with some bits and pieces in the back end.

More information on what’s powering this thing to follow.

I might even end up sticking some load balancing and auto scaling on but that may well cost a fortune, so a smallish Linux server with a separate RDS backed MySQL database can do for now.

I should probably go to bed, I’ve been doing this stuff for the last 6 hours since the kids went to bed.

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