A few tweaks

So as expected, I’m going to need to make a few tweaks to the ami and the image running along with adding a bit of scripting magic to make things run more smoothly.

In regards to the ec2 instance, spot requests are definitely the way to go.  The cost saving is insane, and it’s not like this website is business critical.

That said, I would like to keep it up and running which in itself presents a few challenges.

Though the database backend is RDS backed, ensuring that all posts are brought back as they were if anything happens to the website, the EBS is deleted upon vm termination.

This presents some challenges for the photoblog plus any media that I upload here. I either need to find a way to back up somewhere, or I can leverage s3 buckets in order to do something clever.

That’s this weeks challenge.

I also need to implement some cleverness around automatically updating route53 entries from the web server should it move. Found a few articles I’m going to look at this week in regards to that.

So far I’m pretty impressed with the way the knowledge has stuck. Exam on Wednesday then I can concentrate fully on the solutions architect associate course. Full steam ahead on that one.

Tried to get the cloud gaming rig back up tonight but it would seem a month offline has screwed something with steam and parsec and the vpn. I need to go back to that, give it some TLC, update various bits and pieces and remove anything superfluous.

Once I’ve done all that ill snapshot it again, start from scratch and create an easy to follow guide for gaming using a high powered AWS gaming rig and steam :)

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