AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I’m on the train on the way back from Manchester to Leeds after having completed my AWS Cloud Practioner examination.


I passed!


Not sure on my score yet, waiting for the report and the certificate to be available from my certification account.


I’ve just realised that this is my first certification since getting my Network+ way back in 2004.  That’s insane.  14 Years.


No wonder interviewers asked me if I’d considered getting certified for anything recently its like those restaurants that have restaurant of the year 2004-2005 on a sticker in the window it just looks out of date.


Quite nervous now about the Associate Solutions Architect exam that I have at the start of October.  This first exam was meant to be a breeze and it was bloody tough.  I guess that means that it’s worth the $120 I paid for it though.


Lots of focus on direct connect a technology that I haven’t really had much chance to play around with as yet, and a few questions about AWS Rekognition, which is a relatively new technology too.


In terms of advice, prepare, prepare, prepare and read the white papers.  The practice exams won’t get you ready, the questions are worded so much harder and the answers are so similar to one another that if you don’t know what you’re answering, you simply won’t get it right.


So yeah.  AWS certification path started!


More training to complete over the next few weeks.

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