Migration complete

So the RDS instance has been terminated now.

I’ve got S3 backed mysql backups running nightly, so I’m saving myself an absolute fortune.

Still some tuning to do and I’m not sure if I’m going to stick at spot pricing or look into reserved pricing.  I need to get some tuning in place first with regards to apache and mysql and make sure with Trusted Advisor that I’m running at the right sort of level.

If I can get it running properly on a t2.nano or a t3.nano I could probably save a small fortune paying just $70ish over the course of three years rather than the on-demand pricing.

Spot is okay, but now my database is running on the same ec2 instance, I risk data loss if Amazon were to terminate my instance.

It’s only the 12th of the month look at the state of the costs:

We’d be looking at easy $13 a month just for RDS probably more like $16 a month.  Just too expensive for what I need and lets be honest, RDS backed mysql is a little overkill for a couple of wordpress blogs.

In terms of EC2 cost:

The biggest cost here is obviously the gaming instance I threw up for a work demo last week even though I’ve only done 9 hours with it, the cost is $2.48.

In comparison, the spot instance running my web server at the moment (a t3 small) has cost me just $1.22 for 178 hours.

Whilst it was fun to play around with RDS and the security groups governing rules in and out, it’s just not required for my use case.

We’ll see how the next few weeks go 🙂

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