$40 a month on EC2 instances

Looks like my main web server instance is costing less than $2 a month on a T3 Micro. That’s a spot instance with a fairly high bidding price set so that it’s very unlikely to ever be outbid and is still the cheapest way to provision EC2 capacity.

By the same token, my database server is also a T3 micro instance and that’s looking to cost just under $7 a month on demand same uptime as the web server so you can see there’s a $5 saving.

The bamboo server is having to run on a medium server and that’s used around $27 this month. Don’t you just love java?

Still got $300 of credit in my account so there’s no massive rush to move off the on demand instances right now. Maybe I should think about it though.

Workmail is $4 per user per month plus tax. Route53 is $0.50 per domain per month, there’s no getting around that. If I can keep my monthly bills less than $30 a month that would certainly keep my wallet happy.

Need to do a fair bit more work with bamboo to see if I can get it running on something a little less powerful or spot instance it. We’ll see.

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