Tetris 99

Last week I was on holiday from work, looking after the kids on half term. I found that a new game has hit the Nintendo Switch E-Store Tetris 99. It’s Tetris meets Fortnite and it’s amazing.

A fast and frantic battle royale with 99 players all playing tetris at the same time, with a slightly updated version of the Tetris theme that we all know and love and with completed lines being sent to opponents that you can target in order to scupper their plans.

It’s very fast, very fun and very pick up and playable. I really should start bringing the switch to work so that I can play on my lunch breaks. Maybe if and when Harry gets his own switch and I don’t feel so bad about taking it away whilst I’m out of the office. We’ll see.

Sounds like it might be a limited free download for Nintendo switch online you obviously need membership to the online service for this.


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