AWS Summit in London

The AWS summit was absolutely fantastic. Met up with a few colleagues I haven’t seen for years, learned a few new bits and pieces, saw some really energetic and charasmatic people present ideas, solutions, challenges and ideas and mingled with around 12,000 people who were all interested in AWS.

It was mind blowing to think that there were people all around me, brilliant people, trailblazers, thinkers, do-ers.

I can’t wait to go back next year, and all it did was whet the appetite to get out to AWS Re:Invent in Vegas. That still remains a pipe dream unless I can get good at machine learning and DeepRacer and have a sub 9 second model in place by this time next year.

Had a few lightbulb moments, it cleared a few foggy patches and it reaffirmed where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.

I need to look to the future, and I need to make sure that I capitalise on my time by doing whatever I need to further that knowledge and that journey.

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