Matt's Yorkshire Pudding recipe

I've perfected my Yorkshire Pudding recipe - now you can make awesome Yorkshire Puddings too!

The below makes 12 but if you only fill the tins halfway up rather than most of the way up you’ll end up with crispier puddings rather than big floppy ones.

You will need:

250ml (about 1 US cup) of milk (I’ve used whole, semi and skimmed it works well with all)

163g (1 and 1/3 US cups) of plain flour

5 large eggs

(you can also use the measuring jug method – break your eggs into the jug, say they make up to 400ml, pour them into your bowl, add 400ml of milk, pour that into your bowl and then pour flour in up to 400ml line then pour that into the bowl- what’s important here is equal measurements of the ingredients)

some lard/or beef dripping

a muffin tray

hand whisk/beater/electric beater – I have this one and it works a charm

If you’re in the USA (you want this link here)


Break the eggs into a bowl.  Whisk until its well mixed.

Add salt and pepper to season

Add the milk

Whisk some more

Add the flour

Whisk a lot

You want bubbles all over, lots of nice airy bubbles

Stick the mix in the fridge to rest – for an hour, for the day, whatever time you’ve got works well.

Ideally do that a few hours before you need them.

To prep your tray:

Add about a teaspoon of lard to each section of the tray.

Put it in the oven between 210-230 degrees (410F-440F) (you’ll have to experiment with your oven over a few batches)

Leave it in there for a good 5-10 mins

Take out your mix from the fridge

Evenly distribute mixture between them

Stick it back in the oven  

Leave for at least 20 mins

Under no circumstances open that oven door.  Not even to check, or turn something else, or anything.


Somewhere between 20-25 mins, they will be done.  Again, this depends on your oven and it’ll take some experimenting to get it right.  You don’t want to take them out too soon as they’ll deflate and you’re stuck with smaller puddings than you deserve, but you don’t want them to catch and burn either.

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