Just how many days does January have anyway?

It's the end of January and I have no money!

It’s almost payday. Which is great because I have no money left. At all.

Working copy worked a treat, git push is a paid for feature, you can free trial it for 10 days but then it’s £19.99 to unlock. It’s one of those where you get to use paid features for a certain amount of time and then when the developer decides, they charge another upgrade fee.

I’m not using this enough to warrant that at the moment. For the sake of markdown editing, I can save a copy of my repo to icloud/onedrive and then add content on there and add/commit/push when I’m at a computer with an up to date sync of it.

Keep looking at my open university stuff. I wondered if there was a photography degree that I could switch out to, but it’s just art with a bit of photography or a standalone photography course which I’m not really interested in.

There’s English Literature and Creative Writing, which actually sounds really, really, really interesting. I might give it some thought.

The maths stuff that I was learning about in the IT modules was good, but the IT stuff itself - its nothing I don’t already know and it’s whether or not it’s worth doing a 4-6 year part time degree for something that just gives me a certificate for something I know I can already do.

AWS/Google Cloud/Azure/Redhat professional certs would probably be a better use of my time.

Creating writing however, that could be really, really useful. And who knows? I might even get a novel out of it.

Time of course is still an issue, saying that I’ve got to level 351 on Fortnite this Battle Pass season. So I do have time.

We’ll see how the next few months go. I’ll start to make enquiries into a degree switch (it’s been on hold for a year anyway).

I might have enough money left over after I’ve been paid to finally upgrade the RAM in my PC. Only had that on my list for about 8 months. We’ll see.

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