Ended up buying working copy

I talk about my decision to purchase Working Copy for the iPad

Without buying any more hardware, and wanting to use the equipment I already have to not only update my blog, but to do further development work concerning not just AWS but pretty much anything, there wasn’t much choice.

£19.99 feels like a bit of a sting, but only because we’re so used to free software and iPhone/iPad apps being so cheap.

Supporting indie developers is important, and to be fair there really is nothing else out there.

Now I’m committed, I can get my workspaces set up properly, get the repos cloned and my workflows sorted.

In terms of billing, considering I’ve been running this for a few weeks now, I think we’re looking at a total cost of less than $5 a month. Probably even less than that. My $8 workmail and $2.50 route53 costs will dwarf any hosting, pipeline and cloudfront costs.

Which is pretty nifty.

Always nice to have a place to talk about stuff that Facebook friends might not necessarily be interested in.

Wonder if there’s a way for Hugo to add commenting facilities, I wouldn’t expect so, given the static site and the fact that the site you’re actually viewing is the product of a deployment process that deletes the old stuff when a new commit is made.

That is unless there’s a way to hook something in.

Hmm. Further reading required.

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