T'was the night before Airecon

My thoughts from the night before Airecon

T’was the night before Airecon, and all through Harrogate, not a gamer was stirring, not even a MtG player.

Landed in Harrogate this afternoon and checked into my hotel. Promptly received a free upgrade to a club room, which in itself is fantastic, but the benefits that come with it are even better. There’s access to the club lounge which comes with free drinks and nibbles. I’m currently on my second bottle of Corona (yes, I chose it on purpose) and I have tortilla chips, popcorn, sweets and crisps. It’s fantastic. I can get drunk, on my own, in a hotel, not a care in the world. There’s even free breakfast tomorrow too.


The check in at Airecon this year was smoother than ever. It was great being able to drop my games off at the bring and buy the night before and also grab my tickets. It should save some time tomorrow and mean I can get gaming more quickly. There’s not a great deal that I want to buy this year, so fingers crossed I’ll end up leaving with more money than I came with, and I can save up for that monster gaming monitor.

Really looking forward to catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s long overdue.

Nothing like sitting around a table face to face with people playing games.

There was a bit of a scare with the emergency cobra meeting at lunchtime and a lot of people were hesitant to set off on their journeys. I think that attendance will be affected slightly, but I know there will be enough people that rock up and we’ll have an absolutely fantastic weekend.

If you fancy playing some board games, and you can get to Harrogate, come down and say hi!

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