New Look

I've made some changes

I decided that I was fed up of the theme I had in place on the website. It was fairly basic looking and didn’t have a right lot going for it. It was good, just wasn’t as good as it could be, and it needed to have a dark mode, because nobody likes looking at a white screen at night, amirite?

Gosh its a pain in the backside if you want to post more than one post on the same day and all you’re using is date stamps and not timestamps. At least I’m developing locally at the moment and can see exactly what’s going on when I save my changes.

So I’ve gone back to the last sort of 12 months of posts, added a new header that brings in some more metadata, there’s a description now that’ll show on the front page with a quick heads up as to what any post in particular is about. That seems to work quite well. I could even start coming up with clickbait descriptions to be funny.

The portfolio is offline at the moment, one of the big reasons I went for the last theme is because it had a built in gallery function. I’ll get that back up and running at some point in the next few weeks when I have some time. I don’t want the images to have to be stored in the repo, I’d much rather they were pulled from S3 as before. It makes more sense. So that’s on the to-do list.

I’ve also gone through and properly categorised and tagged everything that wasn’t tagged up properly. Will try and keep up to that when I’m creating new content.

I quite like this theme, it’s much easier to read and has a much nicer layout.

That’ll do for now, I’ve done enough tinkering in markdown, html and css for tonight.

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