Ju--what now?

A few new updates, embeds and enhancements

How did we get to July?

I mean seriously?

I’ve done only 6 other posts since March, and I just, I don’t know. It’s like the passage of time has sped up.

I’ve had a bit of a fiddle around with the front page. I’ve dropped off the giant selfie. It looked daft. I didn’t like it. I’ve added a link to BoardGameGeek (BGG) in the navbar. I’ve rejigged the order a little and shortened the names so that they look better on a mobile.

I’ve added a widget to show the last 5 board games that I’ve played. This is pretty cool as it ties into Board Game Geek and ties into the the BGStats app that I track every single game that I play in. They’re clickable links that take you to the page for that game, so if anything does look interesting, click the picture - you never know, you might find a new hobby to fall into.

I’ve embedded twitter to show my latest tweet, even though I don’t really actively use twitter and I gave up my main handle years ago. I hardly ever tweet, but now I have it hooked into the website, I might well just start posting random thoughts.

I’ve also embedded twitch, though I’ve just found out that they delete your bloody streams after 60 days. So there’s nothing there. Barstewards. That means all my glorious comedic glory has gone away. Maybe I should back twitch off to youtube or something.

I’ve just configured restream.io. We’ll see what that does next time I decide to stream. I obviously haven’t streamed anything for 2 months.

Maybe I’ll stream something at some point. We’ll see.

For now, let’s push these website changes live….

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