I'm not old, I'm retro.

Another year, another birthday...

I turned 40 in March. The event itself was pretty much just like any other day. I had a little bit of an existential crisis in the weeks leading up to the ‘big day’ but then around a week before, I started to feel fine about it.

Time is such a weird concept. I always remember being a teenager, my mum and dad always said that school was the best time of your life and when you get older the days just fly by. It was something my grandma would often say too about the days just whizzing by. So it’s not an isolated ‘feeling’.

When you’re a kid, and you’ve got 6 weeks off school, it feels like an absolute age. But if you’re only 5, and you’ve only had 5 birthdays then the time between them is going to feel like ages. There’s also a lot of development that goes on year to year.

When you’re 40, you’ve got 40 birthdays behind you, all of a sudden you’re counting the days between bin collections and supermarket deliveries. At work you’re planning or reflecting, learning and adapting. There are some days that can drag and there are some days where you don’t get much of a chance to look up from what you’re doing before you’ve run over lunchtime and you feel busier than you ever have been before.

It’s strange when the brain is engaged in something, the passage of time changes completely. I notice it when I’m deep into an issue I’m trying to troubleshoot or if I’m watching a film or playing a game.

It’s weird to think that I’m approaching (or in) middle age now and that time might continue to speed up exponentially. That’ll be weird. There’s still so much I want to do. The last 12+ months of things being on pause won’t help with that.

I’m getting my 2nd Covid jab today, so in 3 weeks I will be ‘fully vaccinated and protected’ from the main strains. We’ll see what those pesky ever adapting strains do but for the most part, I should be good.

Going to try to post a little more than once every 3 months. Mainly just checking the pipeline still works on the new machine :D

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