Tree pollen is high, what if the trees really are trying to kill us?...

I’m sure that everyone has seen the memes that ask what if oxygen is toxic and it just takes 80-100 years (if you’re lucky) to kill you, or if the trees are really using us and it’s not us using them. Anyway, that was an attempt at a funny, relevant title and description. I don’t really buy into conspiracy theories. I might buy an axe though if they keep it up :D (only joking, I like the trees, they provide shade, and oxygen)

I didn’t manage to mess with the firmware of the 3D printer this weekend, I spent the majority of Saturday laying on the sofa with my eyes closed.

I thought it was too much monitor staring (is there such a thing?) my eyes hadn’t been right all week. Dry and not really itchy, but they weren’t right and I didn’t feel right in myself either.

I grabbed some eye drops and they helped a little, but checked the pollen count and saw that the pollen count at home was quite high for tree pollen. Our garden has 7-8 trees in it, never had that to deal with before so it’s quite possibly that.

I grabbed an eye mask, some antihistamines and more eye drops and dug out the Vax air purifiers we bought for the kids room and our room a few years ago because both my eldest and my wife suffer with hay fever later in the season and I’ve got that running in the office today.

It seems to have made a big difference.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I prepped the veg for dinner and made up the yorkshire pudding mixture.

Then I played board games with Harry for quite a while. That was nice, we haven’t played games for quite a while. I need to nip to Ikea at some point to go and grab a desk to get the 2nd pc out of my office and in to his bedroom :D

Filament is due for delivery in the next few hours, so the printer is printing stuff again and hopefully I’ll get the dinogenics inserts printed this week and I can move onto something else.

Speaking of the 3D printer, the RasPi it’s plugged into never seems to bring up HAProxy cleanly, I need to have a look at that to see if there’s some kind of race condition there that I can fix. It’s streaming to the website now anyways.

The roast dinner was awesome by the way, here’s a photo of the Yorkshire Puddings. See my recipe blog post on the method/ingredients on how to make that one.

Matts famous Yorkshire Puddings

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