I started writing this nearly a week ago

Well that was rather an eventful week, erm maybe fortnight...

Good afternoon evening!!

I started writing this blog post nearly a week ago, well, maybe Sunday last week - either way it’s been 5 days or so and a lot of it doesn’t make sense anymore and has mostly been rewritten.

Both this week and last week have been an action packed thriller with excitement, sadness, ups, downs, highs, lows and a fair few bits in between. That’s why the amount of blog posts reduced from one every day or so to pretty much radio silence for two weeks.

I’ll talk about it over the next few weeks and months no doubt. For now, I’ll leave you in suspense. There’s an awful lot going on though, I’ve had to make a few changes and things are improving, and I’m not dead - so that’s a bonus, right?

The printer is printing, and working. After my last post I tightened up all of the wheels and it stopped extruding, took me a day or two to get my Z-Offset back to the right place (I have even more scratches on the glass bed) but I finally got the 15 or so Dinogenics trays into the box and organised it all - it’s fantastic! Everything fits into the main box and its a lovely, lovely well thought out insert.

I might have gone through another nozzle too, I can’t remember.

Definitely got another blister (they’ve almost all healed now).

I also increased the resolution of the camera, so the stream should be clearer now. I noticed a little lag earlier in the week when printing something but it looks to be okay right now and is streaming smoothly.

Feel a bit sharper in my head, which is good. I’ve had a bit of brain fog for maybe a month, but it’s hard to say. It’s cleared up now and I’ve had a laser focussed week at work, gotten through shedloads of things, worked many hours, solved many problems and come to the rescue of many people requiring assistance.

I’m pretty worn out. I’m glad its the weekend.

I’ve got a few new board games arriving in the next few days from Kickstarters. There’s the Rival Networks, a two player version of the networks game which is very fun - the designer sent out an update a little while ago with a link to a 3D printable insert so that’s going to be printing on the printer tomorrow and Sunday (feel free to watch).

There’s the Terraforming Mars big box arriving on Monday which is great news because my original box with all the expansions inside is straining like mad and is struggling. There’s actual metal cubes in with it too that I upgraded to - the components for Terraforming Mars were always called out for being a low quality. The original cubes chipped, the player ‘boards’ were flimsy card.

Most of these issues have been sorted and I can’t wait for a properly designed storage solution to organise everything away into. That’ll be Monday sorted.

I’ve still not started on Ecto-1 or the Razor Crest lego sets yet. I should probably get around to doing that at some point. We’ll see if things start to calm down a little and I’ve got some more mental capacity for it.

In a month or so when the boat gets in and clears customs I’ll be receiving the first wave of Nemesis, a survival horror game that’s meant to be as close to an Aliens game you can get without the IP rights, though there has since been an Aliens game released. I’m not sure how that compares.

Is it payday yet? I need to buy some more stuff for printer upgrades :D Only joking, I’m not sure what I really need to buy at the moment. PC has upgraded RAM so we’re running 32GB rather than 16GB as it was just a little under what I needed….oh that reminds me.

I ran the Gaming Rig through the Performance Test passmark system. I’ll buy this when I get paid because the evaluation is cool and its interesting to see how drivers and overclocking settings affect the PC.

Unlimiiiiiiited powwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So yeah.

Not sure what the weekend holds, probably more fun, might go get the youngest a goldfish. We’ll see.

I’ll post again later this weekend or early next week.

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