Every time I look up from the keyboard, another month has passed.....

At least it hasn't been two months since the last post...

Busy is not even the word. Busy is in there somewhere, along with ‘OH MY GOSH, WHY AM I SO….’.

Things are crazy. They’re crazy at home, they’re crazy at work. I’m about to enter the final three weeks of a three month notice and it has simply flown by, I’ve never known anything like it. Time feels like its accelerating and it just doesn’t slow down.

Which as a concept is strange, I know I’ve spoken about time perception before - and there are still days where depending on what I’m doing and what I get done, the day or at least the morning can seem to stretch out forever. If I’m sat in front of the keyboard coding or doing something that requires a fair bit of concentration, time seems to skip through in 15 min intervals, if not longer. I’ve seen this especially when working on an issue that needs some in depth troubleshooting. It’s crazy.

We’re already a few weeks into the kids 6 weeks holiday, I was away last week and now we’re about to hit Friday of the week after that. My mum and dad always told me that time speeds up as you get older, I never really believed them. They used to tell me that school was the best days of my life - I still don’t agree with them there - I had more time for friends, and I had a lot more time for gaming (even with homework), but the bullies and other issues I had growing up, not so much fun. Plus not being able to buy random shiny things.

The dog has grown so much in the last few weeks, he’s huge now. The fish I needed to do a 100% water change and a gravel wash before we went away to try to get to grips with the ammonia spike. I’m sick of testing water now but I think we’re actually making some headway with the Nitrogen cycle finally and I might even be in a position to move away from daily testing and move to weekly testing in the next few weeks. I’ve bought a second API water testing kit just in case though as I’ve been going through the ammonia tests like you would not believe.

Everyone is still in the tank and seems happy. We lost a shrimp but still have three. Not sure what happened to the fourth. Just found him all pink, attached to the plant. Once things are definitely sorted I’ll be getting another 4-5 shrimp as they are great fun to watch and do a good job with cleaning up the tank.

Managed a few games last week and finally managed to get Zombicide 2nd Edition and New York Zoo to the table. I’m in the middle of printing a bunch of inserts for Zombicide, I’ve had to get a couple more rolls of filament in so that I don’t have a mismatch of colours and I think since the last blog post I had the printer in bits again because something broke and at one point I was close to throwing it out of the window (again).

I had to take it apart again tonight and chop some of the pipe away, and I lost yet another nozzle. The new filament snapped at the extruder. Not entirely sure why - its a brand new roll, fresh out of the bag and it was packed with silica gel. I guess its probably a different batch to the one I got in May. Will see how it goes.

I’d just gotten into a position post mobo/firmware upgrade where I was happy leaving the printer on overnight too, some of these pieces for Zombicide are 8-9 hours each so printing more than one a day without using it overnight is a pain. Means we’re probably looking at next week for completion now.

Still haven’t managed to get to a games night, always something that ends up cropping up. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually though. We’ll see. Hopefully there are a few things in the pipeline. More games afoot with any luck.

Going to leave it there with a view to posting again in the next few days, but we all know it’ll probably end up being September.

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