Repeating the same thing, but expecting a different result

Third time's a charm, they say...

I replaced my Macbook Pro battery for the third time today. It seems that when you order replacement batteries, they aren’t always that good.

The replacement battery from Ebay was better than the Ninjabatt one, but it still suffered from issues with the capacity dropping down to 6% out of the blue and then told me that the battery could only hold 94% of it’s factory designated charge.

I contacted the seller on eBay and he sent me a replacement. I’ve put that in today so I’ll start to condition it later on and hopefully over the next few days, I’ll have as good a working 2013 Macbook Pro as I can.

It’s been a bit of a funny week evenings wise on the old engineering front. I’ve had nothing but problems with the 3D printer since changing the filament over to a new batch of the same brand/colour I’ve been using to print out my Zombicide 2nd Edition inserts, which I’m still no closer to having finished.

I’ve been chopping and changing between Klipper and Marlin firmwares and I was having some issues with print quality so decided to replace the whole hot end assembly with a spare one that I had. Wasn’t too hard an installation but had really strange heater behaviour once I put it all back together, it kept cutting out due to safety protocols and it not heating/reheating/cooling as it expected.

It’s been extremely frustrating to the point I was almost ready to throw it in the bin and just buy a new one (if I could afford it). As it happens, I can’t really afford it so we’ll try and fix it. I’m hopeful that by this time tomorrow, the webcam will be streaming and I’ll be printing some more Zombicide inserts.

Ordered a whole new assembly but the fan connectors aren’t quite right for one of the fans, so that’s going back. Ordered some new cartridge heaters and thermistors and will hopefully have that back together tonight when Amazon eventually deliver. Whenever that might be.

I don’t know about anyone else but Amazon deliveries recently have left me wondering why I bother to pay for Prime. Aside from The Boys I’ve never really watched anything on Amazon Prime Video and now that they aren’t delivering until 7-9pm at night, the next day delivery is hardly worth it, especially if you’re wanting something to do something with that day.

Getting a Day one pre-order delivery of a brand new console back in the day would mean a day off work and a day of playing brand new games. Nowadays you might as well not waste a day’s holiday and take the next day off instead.

Will keep this one short as I’m in the middle of cooking a Sunday Dinner and meat thermometers are beeping at me to say things need checking.

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