What a month or so...

Almost managed to get through the entirety of August without a blog post. Almost. In fact, we’re fast approaching it being two months since I last posted.

It’s been quite a ride, not long after my last post, the patio in the garden of the house that we were renting was finished, there was a hot tub sale on at the local B&Q and I decided to surprise my wife with an inflatable hot tub that she’s been asking me for the last few years. So I got one, filled it up with water, heated it up, that was expensive :D

Anyway, first night we were sat in the hot tub, thinking about life, the next morning everything was thrown upside down and we were told we would have to move out earlier than originally anticipated.

There was upheaval. There was stress. There were tears. We found a new place, just around the corner from where we were and hoped to secure it, there followed more stress, then lots of delays and finally we got in.

We’ve been settled for about 2 weeks now. It’s bank holiday Monday and I’m writing a blog post sat on a chair with the laptop on my knee. This is nice.

Had last week off work, was supposed to be away at the caravan but we just couldn’t make everything work in time and we had to be here for the fibre activation. Three weeks running the house from a 4G mini hub was horrendous, working from it was even worse - even more so when you throw in all the stress from the uncertainty around everything.

Rent is more expensive, we’ve lost the fixed energy deal we had, but we’re all okay and we have a roof over our heads. Eldest is still in the catchment area for his new school. Things are settling down and things are looking okay.

It’s going to be a tough winter, no doubts about it. Bills are going up, we’ve got more going out than we did have before. but we are more fortunate than a lot of people, hopefully it’ll just be a tough few months rather than having to choose between heating and eating like some people will unfortunately have to do.

Might even get to play a board game before August is up, you never know. Think my last game played was May. So much for getting through more games this year than last. Meh.

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