Remember, Remember

The 4th of November? No that's not right...

And another three months between blog posts pretty much. Things have been somewhat hectic, between house moves, school moves, work uncertainty, half terms, hospital admissions and board game conventions, it’s been pretty manic really. Even though it doesn’t feel like I’ve done that much.

I’m hoping to actually play some more games this weekend, Harry has asked so I need to figure out what exactly we can play - I’d love to play Rebellion with him but I don’t think he’d get it just yet - give it another 12 months if we can step up gradually. Will ease him back into things this weekend - especially since I’ve got a camping table in my room which doubles as a pretty cool gaming table (and probably lego building table tbh), see how many games he actually wants to play and what sort. I think he might quite like Deckchairs on the Titanic.

In fact, I’m going to have a proper look through the game list and come up with a list of games to play with him over the next few weeks and we’ll see how it goes. There’s probably some function that I can use in BGStats to compile a list or a challenge and do that. That sounds like a good plan.

Currently on a train back from London after coming down for work on Tuesday. Managed to get a first class upgrade through seatfrod (as per the norm) for £13 each way. Given this gives me access to food, drinks and generally more space and comfort, it’s well worth the price.

1st Class is quite full on this train back up, I’ve not been able to grab a big table - so I’m perched on a little table with just enough room for my macbook pro m2 - the work laptop has no chance of fitting on this table and besides the wifi isn’t working properly so I’m having to hotspot on to my phone.

Three nights away from home is a tad too much for work, it was meant to be two nights this week but there was a train strike, then there wasn’t a train strike and rather than mess around any more with rail and hotel bookings (which I’d already had to mess around with due to the strike), I decided to do two days in the office. It wasn’t a completely wasted experience, I got to spend a lot of 1-on-1 time with one of the new hires.

In the world of mainly remote working, it’s good to get some face time with people, especially early on so that they feel comfortable asking the questions and approaching you on teams or whatever.

I’m definitely ready for a bowl of cereal for a meal - cooked breakfast, followed by a lunch and then eating out for three days has done me in, especially since there were no beans at breakfast. Everything else was great - but there were no beans? How can you have a full English without beans?.

Given the horrid journey to Swindon in September on the Cross Country train (worst train I’ve ever been on) that goes from Edinburgh to Plymouthm jumping on at Leeds and then having to jump off at Cheltenham and then swap onto another train - it’s much simpler getting on to a tray where it starts and getting off when it finishes, though I believe that upgrading to first class also helps with that quite a bit.

I know that when I get in, the dog will be SOOOOO happy to see me. Happier than anyone else ever is, mostly - though the wife is generally quite happy to see me, but she doesn’t jump 4 feet in the air and try to lick my face - mostly.

I don’t think I’d ever drive down to London, driving down to Milton Keynes was bad enough - 2.5 hours on the M1 is just too much, especially when people are driving like morons and there’s torrential rain. Also even though its 2022, you’d be amazed at how many cars don’t have indicators or even headlights!

That’s enough ranting for now, see you in 2023, probably.

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