3D Printing......update

I bought a thing....


Funny story.

I bought a printer today. Went for a Prusa. Went direct (was looking at kit builds that people had built - but they had a lot of build time and you just don’t know what these things have been doing).

Prusa with enclosure

It wasn’t cheap.

Not one bit.

But I went for the fully built version (rather than spending 8 hours on what would have probably been fun, but also a pain) - plus it comes with warranty and 10% discount on future orders this way.

Also went for an enclosure as if you buy the enclosure with the printer, you get it for an extra £150 rather than an extra £400.

I’m not sure the enclosure is going to fit where I want to put it - it might…..but it also might have to go on the floor. We’ll see what happens when it arrives at some point in the next month or so.

I also purchased the STLs for the StageTop gaming table stuff - because of course that’s the main reason why I got a printer again. Also the lack of the ability to print out some board game inserts.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the hobby again.

With less stress this time - I don’t mind tinkering. But I also like to have things set up a certain way and come back to them how I left them. I’m hoping that with the quality that Prusa offers up, I should be in a much better position to just print.

I might also try to beat Kevin at a Batman print :D

Expect the 3D printing livestream stuff to come back at some point on the main page - Once I’ve got the thing set up and printing in the enclosure with a raspi camera mount.

I should probably update octopi.

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