Airecon 2023

I'm tired....

I had an amazing time in Airecon this weekend. Lots and lots of boardgames were played. In fact, my total games played for the weekend (Thurs-Sun) stands at 61 games. My total for 2023 so far stands at 131, which is in no small part thanks to Dracarys Dice. Love that game. So much it’s been played 69 times since I got it.

I’ll post up some more thoughts and photos and stuff when I’m less tired.

3D Printer arrived whilst I was away on Friday, is calibrated, is printed and we’ve got some sort of makeshift bluetak camera holder on the pi-cam until I can find time later this week to build the enclosure and get something together properly for it.

I’m impressed so far and have printed the batarang and the whistle from the enclosed SD card.

Hooked up to the Raspberry Pi with no issues, camera is currently ‘mounted’ upside down but I’ve added a little javascript magic to fix that.

It’s very quiet. Hopefully get a clank! Catacombs insert printed soon amongst other things. Yay!

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