I'm on a train

I can't complain....

Hopefully you sung that to the melody of a Nirvana song, just like I did when I wrote it.

The time is 20:24. It’s Wednesday 15th March and there is a train strike tomorrow. I’ve been in London since Monday afternoon and I’m currently on my way home. Ordinarily I’d be travelling home in the morning after another night of sleep, but with the strikes, there’s no way of getting back up.

Trains are running Friday but I don’t work Fridays and by the time we get there, I might as well stay here (I’m coming back Sunday afternoon).

So I’m currently sat on a train. I am extremely tired. I was tired before I even came to London on Monday. I was tired on Sunday. I was falling asleep on the sofa. My social batteries were drained.

I got the 3D printer set up and did a couple of prints, things came out extremely well. It just works, like the Apple Mac of 3D Printing. I haven’t build the enclosure yet - that’s to do over the next few days into Friday/Saturday. Should only take about 4 hours apparently. I just need to sort out some space and do it. It’ll have an LED light in there and things too. The Raspberry Pi camera seems to work quite nicely - we’ll see what mounting options look like when its all in the enclosure. I’m sure I can print something out.

Will probably spend the train journey doing a bit of research on the things I’m going to print over the next few days and see how everything goes. I’m very impressed so far though. Very impressed indeed. Very happy with the purchase.

So one more trip this month and then I am completely done for a while. As of this morning, I was faced with my 11th hotel breakfast of the month, I couldn’t eat anymore cooked breakfast food, so I had continental instead. It was nice to just have some toast and a few other bits, even if someone had polluted the strawberry jam sachets with raspberry and redcurrant (which actually turned out to be pretty nice).

It’s Thursday tomorrow and I’m supposed to be working but I don’t know how much I’m physically going to be able to do. I need to take some time back in lieu for this travel I’m doing right now but not sure what that looks like in real terms.

I’ll sleep in for a bit probably, or try to, if my body clock lets me do so. Then I’ll do a few hours, get things in order for Sunday probably and then call it a day. Going to have to pack and get everything together for the trip down in my own time anyway this weekend so to be honest, there’s not really going to be much I need to do tomorrow in order to ‘make up time’.

I’m so tired, I can feel it in my bones. So, so tired.

Another blog post with pictures probably coming over the weekend once I build the enclosure and do a bit more printing.

The Clank! card holder I did doesn’t suit sleeved cards so I need to try printing at 7% larger or something. We’ll see how that works out. I should be able to print the interjoining middle bit and not waste too much filament and if that looks to fit the cards, then that’s what I need to print across the board.

Tired now. Less than 2 hours until I’m home though. Yay.

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