I'm on a train....again?

I probably will complain....

So less than 90 hours since returning home, I’m on the way to London for work again. On a Sunday, on Mothering Sunday of all days.

Last trip of March though. When I return home on Wednesday that’ll be it and now that I’ve cancelled the Star Wars Celebration tickets, the scheduled travel over Easter isn’t happening anymore either.

So I get to just stay home for a bit, recenter and refocus and hopefully start to do a few things at the weekends now that the weather is improving. Trips to the coast and trips out with the dog will be quite nice.

It’s quite a nice Spring day today. The sun is shining, its not nearly as cold as it has been for the last few weeks. I even left my big coat up in Leeds.

3D Printer has pretty much been printing non-stop since I got home. I’ve shown Kayleigh how to clear the print bed ready for another print, and I can set prints off from anywhere using all the software I’ve got running now. Which means I’m pretty much halfway to automating the entire process.

StageTop files were released late last night. I’ve been doing all of the Maths for it and figured out what I need to turn my little camping table into a gaming table. It should be pretty epic once its all put together.

I’ve ordered all of the filament I’m going to need and once that arrives I can get underway. Considering there are 12 frame pieces to print and they take 12 hours each, we’re looking at a minimum of 6 days just for that.

Then there’s clips, rails, legs and game plates.

Bloomin’ exciting though and that’s what I bought the new printer for.

Very much into it now, and haven’t had a single failure. It’s a beast and I’d urge anyone on the fence about buying a Prusa MK3s+ to just buy it. It’s expensive but it just works, and it works extremely well.

Loving it, and its made me love 3D printing again.

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