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Where did April go?...


I started writing a new blog post about 2 weeks ago. Then forgot. Then went to write a new blog post today and saw that there was one started, I say started - I cloned the last file and changed it’s name to the date and ’tired’. Didn’t update the metadata or anything, or change the page title or change the content.

So I didn’t really start writing a new file at all.

That reminds me I should check for a new hugo version…..

Nope doesn’t look like it.

Current situation with the table is that I have a 5 frame by 5 frame table, with all parts printed.

This works great for the camping table. We played a number of games on it last weekend including Heat, HeroQuest, Batman: Love Letter and a few other bits and pieces.

I hope to get some more time on it this weekend with a few more games.

a gaming table

I moved the table topper onto the kitchen table upstairs to see what it was like space wise - length wise its the same as the camping table (which is why I got the size of camping table I got) but width wise it can be extended with two leaves to quite a big table.

Whilst the 5x5 is a good size, there are certain games that just won’t fit on there - I’m talking Star Wars Rebellion, Food Chain Magnate (comfortably) and a few others. Some of the other games that maybe don’t have quite such a large board but have player mats and panels might also struggle space wise.

The card holders work amazingly and I’ve moved them to the centre of each side, a new design has been created with a slightly better card tilt so I’ll be printing those for the new rails.

I’m not overly enamoured with the component holders on the rails, I’m not too sure how useful they are for their depth. Could hold clank! pieces maybe, or cubes from Terraforming Mars. We’ll see what else I can do.

I’ve also printed some corner and side component holders and trays (not pictured) and a couple of dice towers too.

As you can see here there’s quite a bit of unused space.

a gaming table on the kitchen table

So I worked out what I needed to print, and I’m now currently printing it. This will make it a 5 frames x 9 frames table. As well as an extra 20 frames (and 20 legs and 20 short legs), I need another 16 full play tiles and another 8 half play tiles. Corners obviously don’t need a any additional for play space or rails.

I also need another eight rails (top and bottom) and another eight rail clips. I decided to extend Red and Purple since they are the best colours.

Overall I’m extremely happy with the table, and I’m very happy with the printer. I’ve had a couple of teething issues with the TPU (which I’m now using furniture foam feet for instead) and the filament IR sensor has been a bit flakey - generally after I’ve gone to bed and generally causing me to lose 7 hours of printing or so, which is less than ideal but its not the end of the world.

I’ve reseated the sensor and it seems to be okay - but with it being a temperamental issue you never really could tell anyways. What was daft was, I’d reload the filament in (without changing anything) and then it would quite happily print for 15 hours during the day without skipping a beat. Stupid thing.

I think I’ve managed to mostly avoid having to buy any more filament - just….. (with the exception of some more eSun brown PLA for the playspace) some of the frames are going to be a slightly different grey, as are the new legs, mini legs and the locks, but since you can’t see any of that anyway it isn’t really a problem.

I should have enough blue left for extra rails. The black bottom rails should also be just about okay filament wise. Probably. We’ll see.

So I didn’t know what I was going to print after I finished the table, and the answer is, more table. So there’s that.

I don’t know what I’ll print after I’ve finished more table. We’ll see.

It’s been a busy month at work too. Can’t believe next week it’s gonna be May….

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