More than halfway through the year!

Once a month, sort of, nearly, I guess...

As we rapidly approach the end of June, quite a lot has happened in the last month or so since the last time I posted.

I decided to give TPU another go. It went pretty well once I used a glue stick on the bed and took things super slow. I’ve still pretty much mangled a print sheet, but that was expected and I had another one lined up and ready to go.

I had to do a nozzle swap because it got all gunked up, and when I put the new nozzle on there, I didn’t tighten it properly, so it leaked out all over the hot-end and blobbed all over the prints I was doing, but I didn’t realise until I was done. So that was less than ideal. Luckily I managed to get it all off.

When I put the new (new) nozzle on I made sure it was tight and I did a few test prints to make sure all was okay.

I managed to do a full set of top rails so it’s nicer to lean on the table. I also did 45 feet for the mini legs. (25 for its usual configuration and an extra 20 to allow me to have a full 5 x 9 setup). Had to do them one foot at a time, and it took around 50m to do each one, so no overnight printing and quite a lot of ’lost’ time, but it came out well and I think doing one at a time meant there was no retraction and therefore a much better print.

The printer has been idle now for a couple of weeks. Truth be told, I don’t have much to print at the moment - but they have just released stage 4 of the StageTop files. There isn’t much that’s changed - though they do have full on stackable legs with braces, I don’t think I’ll be looking at using them as my camping table set up provides what I need, and some additional leg room, looking at the way they have the braces set up. Who knows though, maybe I’ll print a small table at some point.

I also don’t have much in the way of filament. Got a couple of half rolls, but nothing for anything big really at the moment.

Just on the way home from some travel for work, I managed to get food poisoning which took me out yesterday but thankfully its passed and I’ve managed to get back up near home with no incidents which is a massive win. The worst part was having a room without air conditioning and not eating for 36 hours. I’ve had better work trips I’ll be honest with you.

Other than that, not much else to report. We got the hot tub out a few weeks ago, not looking forward to doing the electricity meter reads tomorrow, but at least the gas meter read should be about as low as its going to get for this year given the heatwave we’ve just come out of.

I’ve ordered a few more RSVLTS shirts. Safe to say I’m pretty addicted to them now, and I’m building up quite the collection. I think I’ve found the perfect way to express my mood and personality without having to resort to wearing t-shirts with slogans on.

They’re amazing quality and are very well designed. Definitely in love with them.

We saw Disney 100 in concert, that was absolutely amazing, loved that. Took Harry along for the show and he really enjoyed it too. I was wearing the same shirt as I’m wearing now on the way home actually.

I’m tired, glad its nearly the end of the week. Also glad it’s going to be a little cooler over the next week or two.

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