Quick life update

2023 is flying by like a starship hitting warp 9...

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 months since my last post.

I’m sure I started to write a blog post.

This is on my PC. Maybe there’s a commit half finished on my laptop….lets see….


Looks like I got as far as updating Hugo and that’s about it.



Three months.

3D printer had a bit of action, I decided to make myself a secondary gaming table for the living room/coffee table. I had pretty much all the pieces I needed, big legs, most of the table parts. I needed to print 4 corner bottoms and maybe 6 regular bottoms (as I had a load of spare tops from when I replaced the edges with TPU) and I needed to grab another roll of brown filament to do some more regular tiles with.

I had some of the tiles that have gaps in them for component trays, but because it’s a smaller playspace anyway, we needed to make sure that there was enough space.

Other than that the printer has sat fairly idle. But the cool thing is, it just worked. I loaded up a colour of filament that I wanted, and I hit print and off it went.

I upgraded the pi it’s sat on the other day and just realised that it’s not connected to octoeverywhere. I need to fix that too. fixed. Cool. For whatever reason when I upgraded the pi, updated python 3.11 and then set up the python venvs, it looks like it lost the octoeverywhere plugin. That’s now reinstalled and working again as expected.

I might even take a look through some of the prints and start something off. Maybe. We’ll see.

It’s always fun to find something interesting to print. I was looking for my SNES mini, I don’t know where it is. I picked up a PS classic mini the other day and modded it yesterday. It’s got super low powered USB ports on the front and you need a USB stick that draws hardly any power. I tried about 7 different sticks and in the end up had to use a microSD card in a card adaptor to do it.

Waiting for a wifi dongle for that today (I tried 2-3 I had from Raspberry Pis and none of them worked. Also ordered a soundbar so that I can finally get sound coming out of this monitor for once. That way I can play some music and play games without the headphones if I need them).

Haven’t used the table yet, then again I haven’t played much in the way of games recently.

Need to rectify that. But it’s effort.

Gaming convention in Milton Keynes next month so that’ll see some games played. I need to figure out what I’m taking down there. I also need to think about maybe trimming the collection a bit. But that’s also effort.

Maybe I’ll have a look through the list and come up with a sales post and have people come and collect games from home or something. We’ll see.

I’m tired.

Also got a Sunday dinner to sort out. So I need to start peeling and chopping vegetables for that soon.


// wait - Kayleigh has come down and said she is going to cook dinner instead. Yay. // carries on tinkering

I’d say I’m going to try to update this a little more often, but we all know that probably won’t happen.

Does anyone even read this?

screams into the void

I need to finish my mini haunted mansion lego. I’ve decided that I don’t really like the mini sets. The castle was okay, but Haunted Mansion is just a pain, there’s so many 1x1 blocks and squares and circles. They’re just fiddly and they all look the same.

I think once that’s done I’m going to make a start on the proper haunted house with the lift and stuff. Which means I need the battery/motor for the lift. Just looked and it’s £60 for the hub and a motor. That can wait. You can tell that there will be a little bit of repetition and the chain might be a bit of a ballache but I think it’ll be a fun build and it’ll just be in time for halloween.

I won a £500 ruggable voucher, so bought a Darth Vader rug for the kitchen and a Mickey Mouse rug for the living room. They look fantastic. Very happy with them.

All in all, things are pretty good at the moment. As we hurtle along towards Christmas at an astonishing speed. I’ve got two weeks off now too, so hopefully will find a bit of time to relax around the big day.

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