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Well, we sing to it, talk to it, and say supportive, nurturing things to it....

Another post?

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That’s interesting isn’t it?

I saw a thing on facebook about a Sourdough starter that you could get shipped over from Canada. Seemed fairly simple - feed it for a week, then you can make bread from it for a lifetime!

It’s available here: Kensington Market Sourdough

Was about a tenner, arrived in less than a week and I got to work as soon as I ordered a suitable jar from Amazon, so I was delayed by about a day.

It’s been a week, its been fed, and I even made a loaf in the bread machine with it.

Here’s a photo of the sourdough starter after a feeding at the end of last week

Jar of sourdough starter

This is a loaf that I did in the breadmaker. I found a recipe for the 2501 bread machine where you run it through two different dough cycles, rest it for 3 hours then overnight then do a bake only programme.

Did my first loaf using the higher level of sourdough starter, but found it was a little too pronounced a flavour. So went with the one that used a little less for the next.

I made toast with it this morning and it turned out rather nice:

Sourdough loaf

I’m meant to be making up some pizza dough for Friday. We’ll see how that goes….

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