Everything is broken

Won't run, won't compile, website refresh....

This post wasn’t meant to be here.

I threw up a quick blog post, with an update about how things were going and what have you, things I’ve been up to.

Generated the site locally, or tried to, and hugo threw a gazillion errors at me.

It looked like it was an issue with my older blog posts, from 2018 and the like. Errors were being thrown about me using title: blah rather than title = “blah”. Not sure when that changed and stopped working, must have been fairly recently.

Anyway, did all that. Got new errors (as you do), so fixed them. Got even more errors, fixed all them. Still couldn’t get it working.

Found that something has indeed changed and the theme I was using hasn’t been updated in yeaaaaaaaaaaars.

I tried to move away from that theme in the past but struggled because I’d made so many bespoke changes to it. So I stopped.

No choice now.

So I’ve created a new site, sorted out some of the issues that I had with the location of images and posts so there’s some proper structure now.

I’ve managed to create a 3D printer page and embed the iframe in there for it. It’s not responsive at the moment, will have to have a look into that. But its there at least.

Adding things to the menu seems to be pretty fancy though. I need to get the rest of the navbar from my old site moved across, definitely less messing around in the theme itself and more in the hugo config file, which is great for updating.

I’ve managed to add the photos statically for the time being with no fancy lightroom addition.

The BGG last 10 games played is missing, which is a shame because I like that……

Oh it’s okay, I’ve managed to get that working again. Had to add the thing back into the template partials and then embed that partial into the index page, but its done. Only 5 games now because its horizontal and it’s dark and a photo now - which looks a lot better.

Okay cool.

I’ve got a functioning site locally.

Although I am missing images from older blog posts. That’s a pain in the backside. That’s from when I did a migration away from wordpress and I uploaded them to S3.

At some point I deleted that bucket, doesn’t look like I have the source wordpress backup files anymore.

What a ball ache.

Hmmmmmmm, will have to have a look at that.

I quite like the new design actually, its neater, this theme is pretty. And its defaulting to dark mode, any of you strange people out there who want to flip over to day mode, feel free to click the sun. I won’t judge.

I’ve updated the AWS pipeline to make sure that it does what it’s supposed to do from the new file.

So if everything is working as it should do, this should generate, upload, invalidate the cache and should be online in the next 5 minutes or so.

Let’s see what happens…..

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