A case of the Mondays?

It was actually a pretty good day really....

Website took a little longer to sort out than originally anticipated last night.

As it’s statically generated, the cool thing is - that until I got it working, it didn’t take the old site offline.

So as far as any visitors were concerned, it was a seamless upgrade. Still not convinced that there are any visitors mind.

All newness, just old site, then new site. Ta Da!

Anyone who works in IT knows that’s generally never the way though. We got there though, and the photos are displaying in a roundabout way, it’ll do for now. I need to go through and sort out the alt tags for them, but again that’s something for another day.

I had a really good day at work today.

First of all, the new more powerful virtual desktop environment that I’ve been waiting for since I started was made available Friday. I got everything transferred over this morning and spent the rest of the day working on the new machine. 64GB RAM rather than 8. Lots more CPUs. Can’t even begin to tell you how hard its been the last few weeks fighting with keyboard and display lag, I haven’t had many systems like that over the years thankfully.

I fixed a bug in a go utility, which was kinda snazzy, then spent the afternoon in AWS and Terraform sorting out some networking.

Overall a very productive day. I even went out for a walk at lunchtime.

Huel for lunch was great too, glad I bought a bunch of ready to drink bottles last week. They’re going to come in handy the next few weeks for sure.

I was having an issue with hugo not rendering the local content properly as I was writing. Turning on the renderFromMemory option looks to have fixed that. Yippee.

Just tomorrow left at work and then I’m off for nearly 2 weeks. Looking forward to lots of board games, hopefully some decent food and a bit of rest and relaxation.

Oh I finally watched Dune part I. I didn’t want to watch it on release as I knew there would be a fair old wait for Part II. Since the first movie finishes just in the middle of the (albeit a 5 hour) story, its still nice to know that I can watch the next part now.

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