Where did my week off go?

It was all a bit of a blur....

Last weekend saw the return of Airecon to Harrogate (and me as well).

It’s one of my favourite weekends of the entire year. I didn’t take many photos this time, but I got a couple. I might add them in a post at some point, but for now, you get a wall of text.

I thought I’d prepared quite well. But once I got to Harrogate I realised that I’d forgotten my loop earplugs (purchased exactly for this convention) - it can get quite loud in the gaming halls and I can get quite overwhelmed, so I’d bought them to take the edge off.

So that wasn’t a great start. I ordered a replacement pair from Amazon to deliver to the local post office the next day, only Amazon tried to deliver them to the post office after it had shut. So they didn’t end up being available for pickup until Friday afternoon. I shot off to get them before we started a 4 hour game of Nemesis (which I won, yay!).

Played Heat 3/4 times, played Distilled a couple of times, played Pac-Mac Quoridor a number of times with a borrowed pre-release copy (love this), didn’t really play with a lot of new people this time, in fact nobody. My friend Luzie picked up a cold from the kids and she was quite ill for a lot of the weekend and the start of this week so that put a bit of a downer on things that we could do.

My salary finally looks to be stable at the new job, so for now, tax woes appear to be stable. That’s nice.

It’s sunny today, I went for another walk and got coffee, and I got the dog some new balls because I can’t go into a shop that sells dog things without getting him treats and toys because he’s SUCH A GOOD BOY, and why can’t my actual kids be as excited and grateful when I buy them something?

So anyway, I’m doing okay. I’ll post something a little more substantial later this weekend I think, I’m planning on doing some micro:bit coding with the youngest, so that should be quite fun.

I need to go and see Ghostbusters Frozen Empire at some point too.

We’ll see when I actually get to go….

Back to work on Monday and I’m actually looking forward to it - imagine that, actually looking forward to work and finding it fulfilling and engaging. Wow. :D

I need to do a few more tweaks to this site at some point too, when I get the chance over the next few weeks. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

I need to find a decent sofa solution for the laptop. Nothing is as comfortable as the desk and the SecretLabs chair. Oh speaking of that, I need to swap out my third seat base too because the springs have popped again - luckily still under warranty and they’re quite good at sending out a new one, even if they do insinuate that it’s something I’ve done to the chair with some sort of blunt force trauma. Threads on Reddit about a number of people with this issue says different.

Hope the new one doesn’t have the problem….but we’ll see.

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